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Meet the co~founders...

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Circa 1975


Debra and Kelly

Debra and Kelly met in 1975 on the beautiful campus at Sunny Hills High School in Fullerton and they hit it off instantly!  It was a fun, crazy, memorable friendship and they have been good friends ever since.

They both raised their children and built their careers, all the while maintaining that friendship...

However, in 2010, Kelly Brown tried to make an appointment at Debra's salon and Debra was all booked up. Kelly went to another nail salon and unbeknownst to her at the time left with a life-changing bacterial infection. The infection, which her doctor said was likely contracted from contaminated tools during that salon visit, cost Kelly her thumbnails and the ability to ever regrow them.

Kelly and Debra began to do in depth research, and quickly realized that Kelly was just one of thousands and thousands of victims. Debra had attended Cosmetology school twice during her career and thought all nail salons followed the strict sanitation requirements that she did. They were shocked to learn that 75% of the salons tested every year by The State Board of Cosmetology aren't following sterilization protocol, and many undercover investigations have found contagious bacteria on nail technicians' tools and in the plumbing of the pedi spas.

Kelly and Debra created Sani Sak~the Cure in Manicure to protect other women from what Kelly suffered.


It had been their childhood dream to be entrepreneurs together, and they are proud to make that dream a reality by offering women a better way to protect themselves and their health.

Thanks for choosing Sani-Sak!

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