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Sani Sak

The Cure in Manicure

The First Ever Portable,

Professional Quality

Nail Tool Kit

Enter Sani Sak, the complete nail kit loaded with everything you need for a safe nail salon visit, including your own set of 15 professional-grade essentials.

Sani Sak provides stainless steel nail tools, files, buffers, and more, as well as an antimicrobial-treated towel organizer that holds it all while protecting your fingers and toes from those infectious, dangerous germs. No more Nail Nasties!



Bring Your Own Tools!

– Dr Robert Spalding,  Podiatrist and Author of "Death by Pedicure" warns:

“The most alarming health risk at a nail salon is an injury that leads to infection” and “about 75 percent of salons in the U.S. don't follow state protocol for disinfection.”

"Sani Sak is a great product that provides an alternative solution to the serious problem of nail salon hygiene, an issue that can cause life changing injuries and even death. The fact that the tools are made of stainless steel is important because if you wanted to thoroughly sterilize your tools that be can done."

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Bringing your own tools to a nail salon is widely accepted in the nail industry.

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As a matter of fact, the Center for Disease Control recommends that you do!

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What's in the Bag?

Tools (1).gif

1 Nail Clipper

To be used to trim fingernails or toenails.

1 Padded Nail File, 1 Buffer, 3 Emery Boards

A large padded nail file and 3 small emery board nail files to file the fingernails or toenails, and one small nail buffer to gently buff any ridges on top of the fingernails or toenails.

1 Nail Brush

To scrub the fingernails or toenails.

1 Cuticle Pusher/Cleaner

To gently push back the cuticle and to scrape under the fingernails or toenails.

Safety First corrected.png

1 Cuticle Nipper

To be used to trim the dead cuticle around the bed of the fingernails or toenails.

1 Callus Remover File

To remove the dry skin from the bottom of the feet and heel areas.

5 fine & 5 medium additional stick-on grits.

1 Pair of Toe Separators

To place between the toes to paint the toenails.

1 Manicure Bowl

To soak the fingertips during a manicure.

6 Large Disposable Pedicure Spa Liners

To be placed in the bowl of the spa before adding water.

12 Pairs of Disposable Non-Latex Gloves

For the manicurist to wear during any service.

6 Antiseptic 70% Alcohol Wipes

To clean the stainless steel tools or the manicurists' hands.

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1 Anti-Microbial Sani Organizer

With compartments to store your personal tools.

2018-01-06 10.58.34.jpg

Just bring your Sani Sak to your next nail appointment and simply tell your manicurist that you have your own tools, unroll the Anti-Microbial Sani Organizer, and rest your hands on it at the manicure or pedicure station.

Let YOUR fingers do the talking and enjoy your manicure or pedicure with peace of mind.


Sani Sak is a nail kit loaded with everything you need for a safe salon visit, including your own personal set of 5 reusable stainless steel nail tools plus all the disposable items you need to protect yourself from harmful hidden bacteria! The reusable anti-microbial sani-organizer conveniently holds your tools so you can place it on the table or your lap!

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Buy now!

ONLY $59

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